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Diverse perspectives. Authentic voices. Explore diverse viewpoints from Africa’s thought leaders.

The African is bold, current and socially aware. Our mission is to shape a diverse African dialogue through solutions journalism. We aim to inform on issues and policies, stimulate debate and influence public opinion. The platform facilitates opinion and knowledge exchange, incorporating all points of view.

Who is The African for? Our readers are concerned citizens, discerning organisations and informed companies who believe that words matter.


Our contributors are philosophers, influencers and agents of change striving to make a real difference in Africa.

The platform presents an opportunity for individuals from a range of disciplines to use their knowledge, energy and ideas to make a real difference. It is a chance for ordinary citizens, youth, thought leaders, captains of industry, academics, writers and policy makers to express and share their perspectives to inform and contribute to policies, debate, dialogue, development goals and emerging issues.


Bringing you authentic voices and African perspectives on issues that matter. Find stimulating opinion pieces and analysis from Africa’s smartest thinkers and storytellers.

The African is open to all groups and individuals who wish to submit opinions in any of the following categories (and more): “Future Cities (Provincial, National), Regional, Continent and World Politics & Democracy, Sports, Business & Economics, Innovation, , Health & Development, Gender, Arts & Culture, Wellness and Spirituality.

Add your voice to the mix and join our growing community of contributors!


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For republication online:

  • None of our articles are allowed to be published behind a paywall.
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For republication in print:

  • Only one article can be republished in any single issue of a print publication.
  • If you would like to use more than one article, please contact us for special dispensation.
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  • Photographs, illustrations, infographics and other The African visuals can only be republished with written permission from the Editor

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