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Women have intrinsic power to shape their destiny

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Picture: Feisal Omar/Reuters

By Dr Nozi Mjoli

As we celebrate the national women’s month, it is important to pause and evaluate progress that has been achieved towards the economic empowerment of women in South Africa.

The national government has put in place an enabling policy and legislative framework for promoting gender equality in all spheres of our society.

However, gender inequalities continue to be the norm because of centuries of social programming that has deeply entrenched beliefs about superiority or inferiority of certain groups based on their gender or race.

These inequalities have persisted because the majority of people accept racial and gender inequalities as the normal social order.

Family structure, religion, cultural institutions and media continue to play a major role in perpetuating racial and gender inequality in society.

The South African government should be commended for funding tertiary education for poor students.

This has contributed to the significant increase in the number of females receiving bachelor’s degrees in 2018 and 2019 to over 1.1 million compared to 860 000 males.

The next step is to empower women to become significant contributors to social and economic transformation of our country.

This requires an acknowledgement that women and men are born equal with an intrinsic ability to become masters of their destiny provided they are willing to take full control of the power of their subconscious mind which is more powerful than any man-made computer.

Every human-being irrespective of race or gender is born with unlimited potential to achieve greatness provided they focus on positive thoughts, hold empowering beliefs and always maintain a positive emotional state.

The maintenance of a positive mental attitude requires women to be vigilant in maintaining positive thoughts and entrenching empowering beliefs that match what they want to manifest in their life experience.

The majority of people who struggle to achieve a successful life tend to blame external factors for their misfortunes and setbacks because they believe that they are powerless victims of circumstances.

Women who want to become masters of their destiny must re-programme their subconscious mind for success by eliminating all the negative racial and gender stereotypes and adopting empowering beliefs about their ability to achieve any goal they set for themselves.

It is important to understand that everyone creates their reality with their thoughts, therefore, women must pay attention to the quality of thoughts that they allow into their minds.

For example, if they always blame their gender or race for the lack of success in their lives, the universe will manifest more evidence of failure and setbacks in their life experience.

Dominant thoughts generated by the conscious mind act as input data for programming the subconscious mind to attract matching life experiences.

Women must remember that whatever they focus their mind on increases, therefore, they must be vigilant in focussing their thoughts on positive things that they want to achieve.

Unfortunately the majority of people go through life without the awareness of the power of their thoughts in determining the quality of their lives.

Every woman who wants to achieve personal and professional success must take full control of the mind to ensure that positive thoughts and empowering beliefs are always dominant in order to manifest positive life experiences.

Beliefs are not absolute “truths” and they are more powerful than thoughts because they are deeply entrenched in one’s subconscious mind.

For example, if you believe that money is the source of evil, you will struggle to achieve financial abundance no matter how hard you work because there is a mismatch between your belief and what you want.

The subconscious mind accepts your dominant thoughts as instructions for what you want to manifest and proceeds to attract matching life experiences.

The third factor required for the achievement of success is a dominant positive emotional state.

When you are in a positive emotional state, you emit positive vibrational energy which is a vibrational match with the positive energy of the universal law of attraction.

This vibrational energy alignment is necessary for the manifestation of your desires.

The following formula for success will help anyone to manifest what they desire: Positive thoughts + Empowering beliefs + Positive emotional state = Success and a life of abundance.

However, if your thoughts are negative, you hold limiting beliefs and your dominant emotional state is negative, you cannot achieve a positive vibrational energy alignment with the vibrational energy of the universal law of attraction.

This vibrational energy misalignment will block you from manifesting what you want instead you will attract negative life experiences.

The following formula will attract failure and setbacks into your life: Negative thoughts + Limiting beliefs + Negative emotional state = Failure and setbacks These two formulas show that all women have more influence in determining the quality of their lives because the universe does not discriminate against anyone based on gender or race, it only responds to the positive or negative vibrational energy that one emits.

Most people experience pain, suffering and setbacks during their lifetime due to lack of knowledge that they are co-creators of their negative life experiences.

Women have power to become masters of their destiny by taking full control of the quality of their thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

It is unfortunate that the power of the subconscious mind in determining the quality of life is not taught in school.

Mjoli is a gender activist.