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No ‘Merry Christmas’ with Genocide – World Stands with Gaza

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Image: Palestine Chronicle / December 25, 2023 – People the world over remember the plight of the people of Gaza and Palestine, where the Israeli regime, supported by the US and its Western allies, have continued the genocide against Palestinians despite calls for a ceasefire from across the globe and organisations ranging from the United Nations, Amnesty International and man Rights Watch, to B’tselem, an Israeli information centre which documets human rights violations in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

Acts of solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza continue to pour in from all over the world.

Countless gestures from the streets of London to Christmas concerts in Italy, to a seemingly endless stream of social media posts, kept Gaza alive in the minds of millions, even on Christmas.

Christmas Trees of Gaza

We start from social media, where thousands of posts, liked and shared by millions of people, served as constant reminders that there is little to celebrate when Israel continues to carry out a genocide against 2.3 million Gazans.

A particular image that went viral is that of a Christmas tree, half of which resembled the explosions and flames that follow each Israeli strike on residential neighbourhoods in Gaza.

This image was shared widely by activists, celebrities, and ordinary people.

Social media solidarity has also expressed itself in numerous other creative ways.

Alla Scala Theatre

A spontaneous protest broke out during the general rehearsal at Alla Scala Theatre in Milan, Italy, on Saturday.

Activists displayed a long banner that read “Stop Bombing Gaza”. Meanwhile, people from the audience carried Palestinian flags while chanting: “Enough! Stop Bombing Gaza”.

The protest had a big impact on the Italian public since Alla Scala Theatre officially opens its season every year in December, drawing much attention in social and mainstream media.

‘Gaza is Love’

Though solidarity for Gaza can express itself through spontaneous actions, it is also generated by the artists themselves as was the case in Seattle, Washington, on Thursday when famed American rapper Macklemore gave a heartfelt speech about the people of Gaza.

Image: Palestine Chronicle – American rapper and artist, Macklemore, communicated an lmessage about Gaza in Seattle.

Macklemore referred to what is taking place in Gaza as a genocide, calling for immediate action to end the suffering of the Palestinians.

Palestine Chronicle Editor

Palestine Chronicle itself was involved in Christmas solidarity actions, as our managing editor Romana Rubeo was asked to perform Christmas carols for Gaza at a public event held in a southern Italian town.

Rubeo’s flute melodies included an improvisation of the Palestinian national anthem Fida’i, or Freedom Fighter.

Flags as Decorations

But even ordinary people who did not have the chance to show solidarity on stage, either took on social media or, as was the case in London and other major cities around the world, displayed Palestinian flags outside their homes.

A Message from Bethlehem

One of the most powerful Christmas messages, however, came from Palestinian pastor Reverend Munther Isaac, who was speaking on Saturday before the congregation at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bethlehem.

Isaac reminded that world that “Gaza, as we know it, no longer exist. This is an annihilation. This is genocide.”

“If you are not appalled by what is happening in Gaza. If you are not shaken to your core, there is something wrong with your humanity,” he added.

“If Jesus was to be born today, he would be born under the rubble in Gaza.”

This article was first published on The Palestine Chronicle